We love having Tiffany in our kitchen!  She is creative, easy and fun.  She is great at all aspects of being a chef – planning, cooking, every detail of the presentation, service and clean up!  A particular strength is cooking for kids – she comes up with menus of healthy organic foods that they love.
~ Scott Family; Greenwich, CT

“Tiffany McKay rocks! She cooked for our family and another family over 4 weeks this summer in Southampton. She changed the entire summer experience for us. She blended seamlessly and became part of our family. She created delicious, inventive, and healthy meals managing to please 9 different people’s tastes and palates. She was continually inventive, sourcing the freshest ingredients from our local markets and always looking to surprise and delight us. From sushi to fish tacos, her menu was always innovative. Her cooking was kid friendly and adult pleasing! She took time to really get to know the preferences and taste of each member of the family so she could integrate that information into the varied menus she created daily. She was always open to suggestions and feedback, continually evolving her meals to reflect our preferences. Meals became celebrations – we are still talking about the clam bakes she created for us. We miss you Tiffany!”
~ Catherine Smith; Southampton, NY

“Tiffany performed her kitchen magic for us this summer and it was nothing short of extraordinary! All farm fresh, organic, and clean , yet delicious! Our kids were equally impressed and hooked! We love Chef Tiffany!”
~ Mina Martinez; Southampton, NY

“MARvelous party at Mar Jennings with Private Chef Tiffany McKay.”

“Chef Tiffany and her sumptuous brunch menu were a huge hit at Tavern Island! Welcome Private Chef Tiffany McKay to our innovative team!”
~ Higgins Group Real Estate; CT